A creative way to raise your BBucks spendability.  Whether through our website portal or BBucks App, you have the ability to select up to three (3) guesses each day. Your account must have regular points for you to participate.

  • Each guess uses a minimum of $1; feeling lucky? You are free to wager as much of your money points in any whole number value. 
  • All guesses must be submitted before 8:00pm, Monday through Friday each week. 
    • Guesses submitted after 8:00pm will rolled over and be considered for the next available drawing.
  • The drawn number will be posted on the BBucks website by 9:00am the following business day.
    • Points from winning wagers will post to your BBucks account once the number is displaying on the website.
  • If your guess is a match, your account will be credited with 70 BBucks for every $1 assigned to that guess.
    • Each earned point is shared $0.75 money points, $0.25 bonus points.
  • All submitted guesses are final and cannot be reversed

Customers will be notified of loaded earnings when they sign in to their app or online portal.


Disclaimer: Benny's Enterprises Limited, BBucks or any of our other trademarks and brands are NOT affiliated with the Boledo drawing and its owners/administrators. By participating in BBucks, you are NOT particpating in the Boledo lottery. Your BBucks wager is only a guess as to what the result of the Boledo drawing will be.