Our BBucks App offers convenience, flexibility and security to protect the integrity of your data. Providing real-time access to your BBucks and the ability to generate purchase vouchers within seconds, this app ensures ease of use without compromising on security.



Earned BBucks can be redeemed for in-store purchases at a 1 point = $1 value. Points may be redeemed for any positive value greater than zero. Customers will have the ability to generate a QR Code that must be presented to the store cashier for finalization using a two step authentication. Funds are not deducted from your account until code is scanned and user confirmation is generated.

Forgot your phone or smart device and want to spend your BBucks? 

Benny's has you CoVad. Sign into your account at any of our cashier's station to generate your QR code, ready to be scanned. Confirm this request and your are done!


BBucks gives you the freedom and flexibility to use your points as currency towards your next purchase! Bonus points and regular points can only be redeemed through store purchases. Money points earned may be cashed out partially or entirely.